Sales of MDL punches and dies

PRESS TOOLS AND SERVICES sells MDL punches and dies in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Punches / Dies

Standard punches and dies (ISO, DIN etc.) are available in stock and thus can be delivered within 24 or 48 hours.

They are manufactured in various kinds of steel as standard models:

  • Chromium steel (HWS/Z160 CDV12/X160CrMoV12/1.2379)
  • High-speed steel (HSS 6-5-2C/Z90 WDCV-06-05-04-02/1.3343)
  • Sintered high-speed steel (ASP 23/X 130 W Mo Cr V

Different PVD coatings are available upon request such as TIN, TICN, TiCrN, AlCrN.

We also manufacture all shapes of (special) non-standard punches, die bushes, punch retainers and die retainers according to your drawings or according to the references of other brands.

We also offer Ejector, Ball Lock and pilot type punches.

Poinçons matrices

couv poinçons
couv poinçons _A059133 _A059077