Sale of bending units

Press Tools & Services markets Newstark ready benders ou bending units in Belgium and Luxembourg

These units simultaneously bend and deform the sheet by a rotary movement. 90-degree angles, open angles (more than 90 degrees), Z-bent and U-bent.
The units can be mounted on the top or bottom of the tool. Application of these units minimises tooling costs and simplifies construction. Roll benders have a wear-resistant coating and a coating that eliminates the need for external lubrication. The basic value is 60 HRC. Specifically suitable for a long service life. Newstark bending units are patented. 3D files available.

Particular requirements can also be met. We can produce special bending units according to your needs:

  • Respect for angle tolerance
  • Reduction of process steps and the number of pressing points
  • Reduces press strength by 50 to 80%
  • Ideal for forming high strength steel and aluminium
  • Respect of bending dimensions, no need for slide and new bending
  • The holes near the bend are not deformed
  • Bending of coloured and decorative metal without marking

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